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Baked Zucchini Preparation: 10 min. Cooking: 20 min. Total: 30 min.
Calories: 160 Cal Fat: 12 g
Carbs: 5.7 gProtein: 7.1 g
Fiber: 1.5 gSugar: 3.2 g
Cholesterol: 84 mgSodium: 97 mg

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Nutrients reduce pneumonia, improve asthma control

Vitamin E reduced pneumonia in smokers -

In this study, 7,469 males, age 50 to 69, who began smoking at age 21 or later, took a placebo or 75 IU of vitamin E per day. Over a follow-up period of five to eight years, among those who smoked between 5 and 19 cigarettes per day—“light” smokers—and who exercised casually, chances for developing pneumonia were 69 percent lower for vitamin E compared to placebo...